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The Royal Wolverhampton Trust (RWT) and Babylon Partnership
How do I sign-up?

It’s simple to sign up, simply:
1. Visit www.babylonhealth.com/rwt
2. Enter the required information in the fields provided to register yourself and your family
3. Download the Babylon app onto your device and log in

Please register online before downloading the Babylon app and signing in.

Will I have to pay?

No, this is a completely free NHS provided service for patients, available to patients registered to any of the participating GP practices. You must register online before downloading the Babylon app and signing in, to ensure that you aren’t charged for appointments.

When will this Service be available?

This service is available now. Register by visiting www.babylonhealth.com/rwt

What is the distinction between Babylon and RWT?

Under the collaboration between Babylon and RWT, RWT and its clinicians provide the consultation services.

Babylon’s services consist of (a) the technology to enable these consultations and (b) the digital healthcare tools accessible through the Babylon app

What is the Babylon and RWT partnership?

RWT and Babylon are working together to provide digital healthcare to RWT primary care patients. 

This will include convenient, remote access to GPs and hospital specialists at times that suit patients.

To start on this journey, over the coming months, the partnership will be launching a digital service for RWT primary care patients. This will form phase 1 of the partnership.

Why is RWT developing digital healthcare?

Technology has the potential to move the NHS from a system that predominantly looks after people when they fall ill to one that enables people to have more control over their health – to keep themselves well and better manage their conditions. 

A digital model has many benefits, including:

  • Providing remote consultations;
  • Freeing up clinicians’ time to care for the people who need it the most;
  • Giving people the tools to manage their own health.

This will not be the only way to access care from RWT. Patients will continue to be able to access care, without the use of technology, if they want to.

Why has RWT partnered with Babylon?

Babylon is working with partners across the globe to develop leading edge healthcare technology. 

A key component of Babylon’s vision is to empower people to stay healthy as well as care for them when they are sick. This fully resonates with our vision for how we want to provide care to the people of Wolverhampton.

What contractual arrangements have been agreed?

In January 2021, RWT and Babylon signed a 10 year Collaboration Agreement that established the intent to provide digital healthcare to RWT primary care patients.

Digital primary care
What is digital primary care?

Digital primary care will be a service that will enable patients to access their care online. This will be delivered through the web, using a laptop or desktop computer, or through a mobile app. Patients will be able to:

  • Use a symptom checker – enter symptoms and it will provide users with the most appropriate health information, including where to seek treatment or how to manage your symptoms at home.
  • Book and have phone or video consultations with RWT GPs, nurses, pharmacists ,physiotherapists and other health professionals in the future
  • Use digital tools on the app including:
    • Healthcheck – Answer questions about your lifestyle and family history to create personalised health report and get practical insights to stay healthy and explore your body inside out with Digital Twin.
    • Monitor – Help take control of your wellbeing with a range of tracking tools, so you can live your healthiest life.
    • Please note that these digital tools are provided by Babylon and do not form part of your medical record. If there is something you wish to discuss with an RWT GP, this can be booked via the app.
Will I have to sign up?

No, patients will be able to choose whether they wish to use a digital primary care service or not.

Which practices will be involved?

All RWT practices will be involved:

  • Alfred Squire Road Health Centre
  • Coalway Road Surgery
  • Lea Road Medical Practice
  • Oxley Surgery
  • Penn Manor Medical Centre 
  • Thornley Street Surgery
  • Warstones Health Centre
  • West Park Surgery

The new digital primary care services may not be rolled out to all of the practices at the same time, patients will be notified when their practice goes ‘live’ with digital first primary care.

Will I still see my usual GP?

The clinicians available on the app are those already working in RWT PCNs practices. You will get to choose whether you have an appointment with a healthcare professional that you are familiar with, e.g. the GP you always see, or not.

Can I still have an in-person appointment?

Yes, the service enables more choice for patients. If the patient has an initial digital appointment, the clinician can book the patient into a face-to-face appointment in the practice if needed.

What’s the difference between the RWT digital primary care service and Babylon’s NHS service GP at Hand?

Babylon GP at Hand is a completely separate, digital NHS GP practice, run by Babylon. With RWT digital primary care, patients will stay with their usual GP practice and will see the same clinicians who work there.

This is being offered as an additional service to give greater choice and convenience to fit around each patient’s needs.

What can I use the Babylon app for?

You will be able to use the Babylon app to have video or phone consultations with your GP or other healthcare professionals. You will also be able to use the digital tools to help you manage your health.

Can I order repeat prescriptions through the app?

Repeat prescriptions will not be available through the app yet. 

How will this service work with other systems that are already being used?

This system will be used in conjunction with EMIS – the existing medical record. The app provides the platform to conduct the consultation but EMIS will continue to be used to store all information about you and the care you receive.

How is my data going to be used?

We put you in charge of your data through our privacy control centre which can be accessed via our app. The app will give you quick access to your privacy preferences – you’ll be able to manage your personal information and opt out of Babylon learning from your data at any time.

Where are my medical records stored?

Medical records storage will not be affected by RWT digital primary care, it will continue to be stored as before.

What rules and protocols are there for signing up?

To sign-up with the Babylon app, patients will need to be registered to one of RWT’s 9 participating practices and will also be required to provide proof of identification, e.g. driver’s licence or passport, when registering.

How are patients being engaged in the development of this new digital service?

Surveys will be sent out to patients within the RWT practices to gather views on the new proposals for digital first primary care. There will also be the opportunity to take part in 1:1 interviews to give their views on the new services being offered.

How do I opt out of Babylon?

We understand that this may not be suitable for some of our patients and as such, you can opt out of your information being shared. Please let us know if you do not want your information shared with Babylon Health. This can be done via email: rwtprimarycare@nhs.net or via telephone: 07917 919755.

If you have children that you care for, under the age of 16, please contact us on the email or mobile number above if you do not want their information shared.

If you decide to opt out at this stage, please be assured that you will still be able to access appointments at your practice through the usual methods e.g. ringing the practice. If you change your mind or would like more information, please contact us via the email and mobile number provided above.

What if I change my mind after opting out?
You will need to contact your GP Practice who will make your information available to Babylon to verify you during the registration process.
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust