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Kaleidoscope Plus Group are really pleased to be able to share two new services that are launching in September to meet the needs in our community. If you could share this across your platform and teams to spread awareness, it would be greatly appreciated.  First groups run on 7th September.

Midlands Parent Self Harm Support Group

We understand that supporting someone who self-harms, can be really daunting. Self-harm can be very complex and we understand families may need support and reassurance.

This new service will provide a safe, supportive environment in a non-clinical setting ,for those who are supporting someone who self-harms. Attendees are able to share their experience, their thoughts and meet others who are also supporting their loved ones. The service will help attendees understand self-harm, support conversation and to manage their wellbeing. We will be offering a variety of different mindfulness activities, along with resources for both parties relevant to their needs.

Please note the aim of this service is to support those caregivers and not those who self-harm directly.

Midlands Suicide Bereavement Support Group

The service offers a safe space for people aged over 18, who have been bereaved by suicide, to come together and talk openly about their experience and receive support.

Suicide knows no social, ethnic or cultural boundaries and neither do we. If you feel you have been affected by a suicide and you would like to talk about it, we are here to provide a place to listen, to share, to ask questions and to connect with others. This service can be accessed as often and for as long as needed.  It is available to anyone regardless of their relationship to the deceased person, the cause of the death or the time that has elapsed since their passing.

We are offering volunteer opportunities to help support both of these groups, so please take a look at our volunteer roles.

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